an oasis

I’m three days into the blogosphere, and I’m realizing that there are two places in my life where I have total control over my surroundings: my office and my blog. When I subtitled this blog “a virtual cabin in the woods,” I didn’t think about the meaning very much; it just sounded cool. (I admit to having fantasies of moving into a real cabin in the woods one day, but my wife knows me well enough to suggest that my cabin would have to be located in a Hyatt). But now I’m finding out that this blog (and my office, at times) is an oasis in a crazy world. A small space that I can control. I can even change the color of the sky if I want to. I don’t subscribe to the theory I read about in the New York Times a few months ago that said messiness is a sign of creativity. For some people, I’m sure that it is, But I would rather follow Thoreau’s advice to “Simplify, simplify.” I think that’s what I’m trying to do with this blog. I certainly don’t consider myself an accomplished artist, but I think by creating a clean, well-ordered space, you invite your creativity to blossom and fill the space you’ve made. In the same way that I’m thankful to Steve Jobs for selling me my iPod, or to David Simon for creating “The Wire,” I’m thankful to whoever it was who created the blog. This is a perfect way to order both my personal space and my thoughts. And whenever I return to my virtual cabin, I may even discover that I had visitors while I was out.


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  1. Heidi Tucker

    Hey Hon: I’m with the folks at the NY Times, and am enjoying my cluttered, completely disorganized space at the moment, surrounded by pens, scraps of fabric and papers galore. I’m too tired at the moment to be creative, but I’m hoping the aura will still be there when I wake up in the morning. Am I the ying to your yang, or vice versa? Yours, Heidi.

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