life in three parts

I read somewhere that in India, and perhaps in other countries, life is looked at in three parts. The first part is youth, where a person experiments with boundaries and gains an education. The second phase, house-holding, is when a person settles down, raises a family, and establishes himself in a profession. The third part then becomes the spiritual part, when, done with child-rearing and perhaps retired, a person can then devote himself to spiritual matters. This life plan has always intrigued me. I will be forty this year and in the thick of parenting, although establishment of my profession is up for debate. Let’s say I work for another twenty years and retire at sixty. If I’ve been good to myself, and had a little luck, I’ll then be able to undertake my spiritual quest. But in the meantime, I think it’s important not to wait, and try to become a better person right now, even in the midst of a hectic, though supremely rewarding life. If we wait until tomorrow, or twenty years from now, to enjoy our life and dare I say, to perfect ourselves, we may have waited too long. Case in point: We just had a brutal spring nor’easter come through today, knocking out power and knocking over trees. One huge tree fell just a few feet from my house. What if I had been out for my daily walk when that happened, just minding my own business when WHAM!? Be diligent today! To wait until tomorrow is too late!


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