retirement plans

I had the day off from work today, so I took advantage of a few fleeting hours of “me” time and went to a mid-afternoon hot yoga class. Somewhere between one of the endless updog/downdog sequences, I had a vision of my future. You see, there’s a man I’ve noticed in my classes, a familiar stranger you might say. I’ve seen him now at classes at three different times during the week. I also used to see him at my Bikram yoga classes a few years ago, so I know he is a dedicated practitioner. He’s in great shape, he’s quiet, he keeps to himself. I started to wonder if he actually had a job, or just went to yoga classes every day. That’s when I had my vision. I thought “What a wonderful way to spend your life.” The investment industry would have us believe that everyone needs to retire to a condo on the twelfth fairway with a million dollars in the bank. I spoke in an earlier post about simplification. Maybe we would be happier if we lived simply, now and in retirement. When the kids are grown and have started lives of their own, I picture my wife and I living in Maine in a small, neat house, on a moderate fixed income. But instead of globe-trotting or playing endless rounds of golf, I would spend my time going to yoga classes, swimming at the local Y, writing, reading, walking, and meditating. I certainly don’t need a million dollars in the bank for that, do I?


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