buddhists vs. junkyard

I want to share with everyone an email I received from the Bhavana Society in West Virginia. It seems ironic since in my last post I was talking about causes. But here’s a cause I’d love to everyone get behind. It only takes a minute to sign the petition mentioned in the email. One of the founding teachers of the Bhavana Monastery is a man named Bhante Henepola Gunaratana, who wrote a lucid, easy-to-understand exposition of Vipassana meditation (the meditation technique taught by the Buddha himself) and loving-kindness entitled Mindfulness in Plain English. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever asked themselves, “Why should I meditate?” Here is the email and the link to the petition. Thank you for considering this “cause” as your own!

Dear friends of the Bhavana Society Forest Monastery in West Virginia: The Allegheny Power Company has been planning to build a new 500KV transmission line (TrAIL) to pass by within a quarter of a mile from the Bhavana Forest Monastery. To make matters worse, we have recently learned that they are now proposing an alternate route to avoid the auto junkyard. This new route would severely encroach on the monastery property where the men’s kutis (meditation retreat huts) are located. Basically this would amount to sacrificing a monastery in favor of a junkyard. Apart from the health concerns due to close proximity to electromagnetic radiation, this would seriously infringe on the sanctity of our place of worship and the integrity of our contemplative way of life. We protest the disfigurement of a beautiful forest monastery and spiritual refuge in order to save a junkyard. We strongly urge the Power Company to move the power line route so it would traverse the center of the junkyard property, so as to keep the Bhavana monastery intact and relatively secluded from the ugly eyesore which the wide swath of the power line will create. Please sign the petition which we have created to protest this proposed encroachment by clicking on the petition link on this page, and if you would like to share this link with anyone, please do so: Link to Petition.


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