coffee and snow

Coffee and snow.
Men driving cars, men waiting in cars.
Styrofoam coffee cups and wet winter gloves.
Unshaved faces, watery eyes.
An old sportscaster on the radio
Reminds you of your father. What was that
Pitcher’s name from Cherryfield?
Men waiting in parking lots for wives to
Come out of shops. Snow and
Ice scrapers. Pickups with plows. All these
Lonely men, retired, laid off, getting out of the house,
Away from the old lady, rumbling around town
Playing Bob the Builder. Running errands,
Hardware store parts. The teenagers in black
Shuffling their way to the skatepark.
And you, waiting for opening day, parked
On a sidestreet in the snow, drinking
Cold coffee, yawning.
Through the trees, the New England wild landscapes.
Indians lived here once, surviving in winter caves and
Force-marching their prisoners through narrow
Mountain passes, swimming naked in lakes, wet deerhide.
No roads, no buildings. What did they do then?
With no snowplows to clear their driveways, no jobs, no coffee.



  1. grenadegirl

    I really like this. It feels like people-watching. I’m not sure if you want crit, so I won’t crit it.
    Also, I was reading some of your other posts, and saw you spend summers in Maine (which is awesome). I’m going this summer for the first time.
    Good luck with all.

  2. henry

    Bar Harbor and Mt. Desert Island are breathtaking, but can be touristy and overcrowded, especially after July 4. You might try Camden, which is on the coast on the way to Bar Harbor. A stunning seaside village. I used to live there. Great hiking in the surrounding mountains, or swimming in nearby Megunticook Lake. Or go to nearby Rockland and take a ferry out to Vinalhaven for a more rugged, real Maine experience. Old granite quarries that are filled with clean spring water now for swimming, and nature preserves. There are also some beautiful beaches near Bath: Popham Beach and Reid State Park. Just some ideas. But wherever you go in Maine in the summer, you almost can’t go wrong. I wish you happy travels!

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