naked haiku

I don’t have anything to say today, so I give you a journal entry of Zen master Soen Nakagawa Roshi, from his book of poetry and prose, Endless Vow:

Summer 1938
(Another trip to Manchuria)

Deep at night I had a dip in a hot spring, surrounded by the vast plains. I looked up at the constellations; the stars were dancing in the field of the sky. I was totally absorbed in “this Matter” and vowed to settle in a hut on Mount Dai Bosatsu.

Distant thunder
various races naked
in the stone tub



  1. Mike

    Glad to see Henry is back in full swing. What type of Buddhism do you follow? I told a friend about your site and she was curious…

  2. henry

    That is a good question. I don’t really follow any particular school, although I’m probably closest to the Soto school of Zen and find inspiration in the writings of Dogen. Mostly I just try to follow the precepts and be present for others. And like Soen Roshi, I like to sit in hot springs.

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