Lately I seem to be more of an aggregator of information than a creator of original content. But like a good book that you thrust into a friend’s hands with a “must read this” plea, I feel like sharing these bits of wisdom that I come across in the hopes that you might glean some spark or insight from them. As for my own vows, it looks like another time for renewal. Like Soen Roshi, I too have been consuming the metaphorical demon rice cakes. Even though I have been swimming 30 lengths in the pool on my lunch hour, I still can’t seem to turn the corner on my exercise regimen. I am trying to use the Marathon Monks of Mount Hiei as my inspiration for my nascent running program (four miles every day no matter what) but that hasn’t gotten off the ground yet. I’m doing about three days a week worth of running and walking. I know my mood improves when I exercise, so I have to do it, come rain, shine, or darkness. My diet at first glance appears good, but too may late-night Red Sox games have done damage to my willpower. Today I’m buying a cookbook called Three Bowls: Vegetarian Recipes from an American Zen Buddhist Monastery by Seppo Ed Farrey and Nancy O’Hara that I hope will help my diet. In the Buddha’s time, it was common for monks to eat only one meal per day, and to eat nothing after noon. Extreme, yes. And not very conducive to a householder’s life. But I’ve got to find some way to make my vows stick.


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