day one

For mid-morning meal, two cups of PG Tips tea, one bowl of rice cereal with milk. So far, so good. No coffee cravings yet. I think when you’re dieting, coffee can be the root of all evil. It stirs up the passions and makes those hungry ghosts come out.

For lunch, and my last big meal of the day, a green salad with various beans and vegetables, and one cup of vegetarian hot and sour soup. I’m unable to swim today due to work constraints, but I will take a brief walk on my lunch break. Right now it’s 11:47 am, so if I don’t take another meal until tomorrow, I’ll be following those early Buddhist precepts I spoke of. I’m guessing I’ll need an apple before then, however. It’s strange…even though I have just eaten, I find myself already thinking about my next meal. There must be a fear of starvation reflex that gets activated when you diet. I’ll be doing my four miles tonight, and I may have some nuts or a glass of milk before bed.

I think I’m going to call this my Soen Roshi diet. More thoughts on food from the master, again from his journal: “Although it is austere, my diet is nourishing. While I eat only one meal a day, it is filled with delicious tastes, and I am extremely grateful to nature for this bounty. It consists of nine types of food: black beans, green beans, azuki beans, white beans, soy beans, sesame seeds, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, and brown rice. While chewing these things one after the other, I mix buckwheat powder with water. I also eat radishes, carrots, greens, fruits, seaweed, and pine leaves – whatever is available. I don’t use fire; I eat everything raw. Recently I have stopped using salt, unless it occurs naturally, as in seaweed. I take all things as they come in nature.” (Sounds a little like my friend Henry D. Thoreau with his bean patch. )


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