waiting for spring

The mornings are dark.  The gym beckons, but the bed is so warm and cozy. The furnace is blowing hot air constantly, birthing the millions of dust bunnies that are scampering around my house. My feet and hands are always freezing. The sun doesn’t shine enough. My Ayurvedic book recommends that “Kaphas are adversely affected by the cold, damp weather so it’s best if they make an effort to keep warm and avoid these conditions.” But living in Maine, these conditions can’t be avoided. Instead, I pour a little more hot chili sauce on my morning eggs. I get a massage. I spend a little more time in the YMCA sauna. I sit in meditation on Wednesday nights with my local sangha, trying to get enlightenment and save all beings.  I try to get to the Riverview Spa in Bowdoinham as much as possible. I think about our trip to Florida in April, and our week on Vinalhaven in July, swimming in the quarries, biking around the island, drinking beer in the afternoons. Sleeping with the windows open. Not making good or bad, only going straight.


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