big chillwave

I can’t remember the exact line from the Big Chill, but Kevin Kline’s character says something to the effect of “We don’t listen to music made after 1970 in this house.” Another truism is that people stop staying current with music the year they graduate from college. Thankfully, neither idea is true in my house. I’ve always loved music, and I am always searching out new bands to discover and fall in love with. It could be Toro Y Moi, Sharon Van Etten, French Kicks, Austra, Miniature Tigers, or Mike Wexler. I read Magnet, Spin, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, The Guardian, NPR Music, and the Vulture pages of New York Magazine. I keep my eyes and ears open. My hope is that you will all do the same. You never know when you’ll discover your next new favorite band. I mean, how else can you explain a forty-five year-old man who loves Grimes.


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