reborn at 45

I’m going to kick-start my running career this week, starting today, and I’ve been reading a lot of George A. Sheehan. Sadly, most of his books on running are out of print, but you can still track them down in used bookstores, libraries, and online. There’s a great website here that has published a number of his inspirational essays. One of his essays really touched me. It’s called The Start-Reborn at 45. And here’s a small sample from one of his essays entitled “The Fitness”:

“When Bill Rogers was teaching school, he ran during most of his free time. One day, the principal called him into the office. “Bill’,” he told him, “you will have to make a decision. The time has come to concentrate on your vocation.” Rogers took his advice. He quit teaching…Personal growth must precede professional growth. What you do in your profession is a function of the person you are. That must, therefore, be your top priority.”

Good advice, indeed. I also turn 45 this year, and have lain dormant for far too long. It’s never too late to begin again, and to just start where you are. It just so happens that there’s a church across the street from my house. The parking lot of this church is empty six days a week. It has a gentle slope, has a nice view of the woods, and is well-lit at night (I prefer to run at night). I measured it with my car’s odometer and it’s exactly 1/10 of a mile per lap. So, ten laps to a mile. Turns out I’ve got my own personal track right outside my door.  I’m taking small steps, relaxing, and having fun. I don’t think I’ll end up like the marathon monks of Mount Hiei in Japan, but a 45-year-old, born-again runner can dream:


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