young prisms

It could be Young Prisms, a poppy, neo-shoegaze band out of San Francisco. It could be Brooklyn’s Black Dice. Or Lotus Plaza. Or La Sera. Or Portland’s Chromatics. IT could be anything. Your new favorite band, or one that you’re like “what the f*** is henry talking about?” I posted a few years back about experiencing joy in the here and now, because we never know when it might be taken from us. For me, music is like this. I am not bound by FM radio, or Rolling Stone. If I find something I like, or love, I dive right in. I remember years ago sitting in a restaurant in New Jersey with a friend.  She ordered a glass of Canei, which was a cheap white wine that came in a screw-top bottle long before screw-top bottles became hip. The waitress looked at her funny. No, they didn’t have Canei. Would the lady like to order something else? She did. Why am I telling you this? Because whether you like your wine with a screw-top or a cork, whether it be the finest French Bordeaux or the cheapest Mad Dog 20/20 that you bought at the 7-11, if you like it, then it’s yours.  I love Young Prisms. Share the love with me. Or maybe light out for the territory of your next crush.


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