get spiritualized

I could be paraphrasing, but I believe it was David Byrne who said that writing about music was like dancing about architecture. Five years ago, this blog started out essentially being about walks in the woods, skinny-dipping, and homespun Zen wisdom. Funny to be where I am now. Most of my posts couldn’t have been possible without modern technology. A far cry from Henry Thoreau’s books, journals, pencils, wood-shingled cabin and flute. So much of what I write about, I assume that people already know. Sometimes it seems like a binary echo chamber in here, this virtual cabin in the woods. Later this week, I’ll be laid up in bed, recovering from some minor surgery. Not exactly a near-death experience like Jason Pierce of Spiritualized had, but I’m sure there will be a fair amount of suffering all the same. It almost seems silly to post links to this, one of my favorite bands of all time, when you can just Google them or look it up on Wikipedia. Instead, I’ll just give you a link to a story on Pierce’s illness , the band’s webpage, and Pitchfork’s review of Pierce’s newest album. Most of what Pierce and his band mates have done over the years is stellar. My personal recommendations would be to start with their transcendent Royal Albert Hall recordings, and then maybe check out the slyly named Complete Works Volume 1. What does Spiritualized sound like? Hope plus death plus drugs plus transcendence plus heaven plus drone, all backed by a 40-member gospel choir. As I’m recovering from my procedure, I’ll be channeling Pierce’s soaring, spiritual music through my ear buds, and it will be miles better than any drug the doctor can prescribe. Why don’t you smile, now?


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