satori in Ithaca

When I started my college career at Ithaca College back in 1985, a miracle happened my first night there. I went to the pub in the student union with a kid from New York City who I had just met. He advised me to order a toasted bagel with cream cheese and tomato. I had never had such an exotic dish before. I was from upstate New York, and in the mid-eighties the bagel boom hadn’t happened yet. So I took his advice, and ordered. Then I ate it, and my world was rocked. Something so pure, I thought, must have existed at the creation of the world. Maybe it had. For lunch today, I made this again and was reminded of that night almost 30 years ago. I realized that with three basic ingredients, and the application of a little radiant heat, this simple meal is always available  to me. Then, when I started thinking of Ithaca, I was also reminded of the girl I fell in love with who tried to teach me that nothing went better with your morning coffee that a freshly lit Camel Light. But that’s another story.


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