recent crushes


1. Sanshiro and The Gate by Natsume Soseki. The Master.

2. Anything by Javelin. Fun, electro-duo out of the People’s Republic of Brooklyn.

3. Lives of the Novelists by John Sutherland. 294 short bios of some the greatest (and under-appreciated) writers.

4. Polar brand Collins Mixer (minus the vodka).

5. Jiro Dreams of Sushi. The world’s most perfect documentary. May make you book plane tickets to Japan.

6. Spiral (Engrenages), or, the French The Wire. You’re done with House of Cards, and sick of Homeland. Now streaming on Netflix.

7. Holy Fire by Foals. Not their best but damn good enough.

8. Tastykake cupcakes. I never knew how much I missed Hostess until they went bankrupt.

9. Anne Hathaway’s dress. No need to apologize, my dear.

10. Parlor Games For Modern Families by Myfanwy Jones and Spiri Tsintziras. Turn off the Wii and grab a deck of cards.

11. Bonus: My new shoes. Once a punk, always a punk.


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