hot weiners

hot weiners

Made you look. No, I didn’t eat these during my recent trip to Providence, RI. I grew up in upstate New York and have visited New York City many times, but I have no idea what system is being represented here. I’ll leave that for the foodies. However, I did discover a few more crushes while dozing on my bed in my suite at the Biltmore. And some I discovered before I left.


1. The novels of Tao Lin. Despair with a splash of humor and a hope chaser. His new novel Taipei drops on June 4.

2. Adrian Yonge Presents The Delfonics. I heard Adrian on Fresh Air last night and he talked about “dirty” drums and “bass lines like Curtis Mayfield” Not to mention that  William Hart’s falsetto is still in business after fifty years. Next up for Yonge, Ghostface Killah’s new album. A man of many talents.

3. The Magnificent Pigtail Shadow, a new film by my friend and multi-talented artist Steven Cerio. I was lucky enough to meet up with Steven when he made it up to Portland a few days ago for a screening of his film at Zero Station on Portland’s East End. It was an emotional, psychedelic ride. Steven also wrote and performed the soundtrack, and the film is narrated by the great Kristin Hersh.

Genesee Theatre 1969-2

4. Good & Plenty. Not really sure what’s going on here. I’m up to a box a day. Maybe I’m trying to relive childhood memories of matinees at the old Genesee Theater in Syracuse. I used to search for the freshest, but now I crave the stale ones from the office vending machine. They last longer.

5. Vegan Before Six, or VB6 for short. A new book by New York Times food writer Mark Bittman. By being one of the first 200 people to tweet Mark the day he announced his book on Twitter, I got an advance copy from Random House. That was about a week ago and I’ve been following his philosophy ever since. That is, eat no animal products before six o’clock (or whenever you happen to eat dinner). Then, eat what you like, in moderation and still mostly plants, but meat is allowed. It’s good for your health and for the planet. A little more from Mark about this lifestyle here. I’ve been drinking delicious green smoothies for breakfast and even made my own homemade cold breakfast cereal, based on recipes from the book. It’s not radical. It’s rational.

6. The NutriBullet. Thanks to my friend Abbe Aronson, I am now the proud owner of what I can only describe as a blender on steroids. It pulverizes everything you throw into it, and will make the kale/banana/strawberry/flax seed smoothie of your dreams.

7. heavenmetal from Chelsea Light Moving, Thurston Moore’s new band. Not his best, or even close to Daydream Nation, but this first cut contains the line, “Be a warrior/Love life.” Good advice, and worth a listen.


8. The bookstores of Providence, especially Cellar Stories a huge used bookstore with shelves to the ceiling, and Symposium Books, which just sells remainders. They don’t make them like this anymore.

8. Twinkies should be back on the shelves by early summer. And if you have any left over from the last batch, they are totally still good.

10. Reid State Park in March. See below. I took this a few days ago. I’ve never been to California, except for my clandestine trip to Sierra Hot Springs, so I’ve never seen the Pacific Ocean, but I imagine it looks something like Reid in late winter.



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