golden balls


This is dumb, dumb, dumb. I can’t believe this will be my 200th blog post since I started this shitshow back in 2007. But screw it. It’s Friday. Continuing with the theme from yesterday’s post: Football. Real football, not the sissy American kind with helmets and ass pads. I admit it, looking at all the Roy Keane photos from yesterday reminded me of my first crush, my original love, that Devil in a red shirt, Golden Balls hisself, David Robert Joseph Beckham. Love this guy. Not ashamed to admit I have a man-crush on him. Always have. Probably always will. And I could watch endless replays of his goals on YouTube if the boss wasn’t lurking. But here are three of my favorites. They bring me great joy. I wish the same for you.

Wimbledon. The legend begins…

Argentina. Vindication.

Greece. Bend it, indeed.

Give that man a knighthood.


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